The Carrollton Fire Department Training Division consists of the Department Training Officer and adjunct instructors from each shift. The Training Division offers training and certification in numerous disciplines including Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Hazmat, Officer, Driver, and Technical Rescue. The Department also utilizes the Georgia Fire Academy and other Agencies to help fulfill the needs of the Department and the individual. Individuals attending training are allowed to attend Training while on shift if feasible and depending on the course, travel expenses may be paid. The Department shares a Training Facility with Carroll County Fire Rescue and we are constantly looking to improve and add to the facility. The Facility includes the following:

  • Two-story burn building
    • Interior Stairway
    • Exterior Stairway
    • Three locations for Burn Sets (Two Above, One Below, and At Grade)
  • Five-story drill tower
    • Storage Area
    • Second and Third Floor Searchable space with Bedroom/Living Area mock ups
    • Fourth floor Training Props
      • Denver Drill
      • Floor Collapse
      • Restricted Passage
      • Bail Outs
      • Entanglement
    • Fifth floor used for High Angle/Ladder Rescues
  • Classroom
    • Seating for 30-40
    • Kitchenet
    • Four restrooms with showers
  • Numerous other training props.